– Official Launch

Your Canada is now officially launched!

Please have a look, and let us know what you think!

We have built out quite a network for people to share their love of Canada with others. Check out the following, too:

The new website replaces, which was in operation for 9 years, and was for many years our “flagship” website.

It’s an exciting new direction, bringing the concept of a website to celebrate Canada into the social media age.

We hope you enjoy it!

New Website

We are happy to announce that the eBrands Media Group website has been relaunched using the WordPress platform.

Keeping news up to date on the website is far simpler using WordPress, and the new platform makes receiving feedback far easier – making it an ideal platform for the eBrands website.

Most of the previous design was retained, with a few minor revisions.

eBrands Media Group Established

TransitionalMedia Inc. is proud to announce the establishment today of eBrands Media Group, a new division for the purpose of acquiring, holding, developing and managing the vast array of media properties held by TransitionalMedia Inc.

“Our media portfolio is a strategically important part of our company, and one we are quite committed to,” said Paul Holmes.

Establishing eBrands Media Group allows TransitionalMedia to more clearly focus its media development and acquisition strategy, while minimizing any brand confusion from customers of its other operating divisions.